The PTO is staffed entirely by volunteers! It is only through donations of time and talent by volunteers like you that the PTO is able to provide our school with funds, programs, resources, and services to achieve our goals. Volunteering for the PTO is a great way to make a contribution to your community and improve your child’s educational experience, get to know Adams staff and other Adams families, model community service for your children, and show your children you value their school and their education. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities to choose from to best fit your time and talents.

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2017 Fun Night

What PTO Volunteers Have To Say

I was a nervous mom sending my first born to kindergarten.  I wanted to be informed about the school and what was going on with my kids and their education and activities.  I wanted to get to know the other parents and educators on a more personal level.  PTO has given me this and a sense of security about where my children are when they are not with me. –N


I feel like I’m doing a small part to help keep my child’s school an awesome place to learn, grow and interact. I’ve also met some awesome Adams parents through the PTO!—Hilary B.


I feel I now have a connection to my kids’ education, and I am teaching my children that you can make a difference if you put in time and effort and that volunteering is not only important but can be lots of fun.  I am teaching them to be active citizens in their community.-N


When my wife volunteered to be the PTO president, I figured that I would be roped into helping out.  What I didn’t expect was to be talked into wearing a Captain America costume one year and actually willingly volunteering to wear a toga costume the next year.  Here is the thing, it is a blast to see the kids having so much fun and to be a part of making those memories.  If that means taking a morning off of work and making a spectacle of myself, I am all-in.–Jason P.


PTO is rewarding in that your kids will love to see you at school and to help you with your tasks. You meet many new people, and you can be involved as much as you want.  To me it is not high pressure, I like that.  We all have our talents, and it is fun to use them with our children.  Plus, you get to dress up sometimes, bake, act goofy, get dirty, and best of all, see kids smile… I can’t think of a better day brightener than that!—N.


Being part of Adams PTO has definitely helped our family get to know other people in the Adams community, and I like seeing the good things this group can do for the kids and teachers. There’s always a way to help that can fit your schedule, and even small actions have positive impact. –Carole


All the teachers are so grateful to our help! It’s wonderful to feel appreciated and to lighten our teachers load a bit as they strive to educate our children! At Adams they do an amazing job of educating with passion and love! When I volunteer I see this each week, and leave feeling confident that my kids are getting a wonderful education! -Melissa M.


Volunteering for a PTO event has become a family event for us. My two children love helping and participating. It takes little of my time, and things are scheduled in advance, so I am able to plan them into my work life. I get excited for the meetings and events, as it’s a fun way to get to know other Adams parents all while doing a good dead that makes you feel great for helping. I suggest you strongly consider joining the Adams PTO. You won’t be disappointed!—Misty L.


My first PTO experience was being on the Adams Fun Night Committee. It was a great experience and I saw firsthand how much the students enjoyed all of the activities! I choose to volunteer with the PTO, because I believe that it does so many wonderful things for our school, not just by providing financial support, but also by organizing activities where the students get to interact with each other in fun settings–like Fun Night!—Heather S.


Most volunteer positions require one hour per week, or less. Most of us can find an hour each week to give back to our school community. Think about it. Then say yes, to your children and their school.—Terre C.