PTO Membership Form-2017

Memberships are due September, 1st!

2017-2018 PTO Dine Out Menu

Join your Adams friends at one of the PTO's delicious dine outs this year! Print out this menu card and put it on your fridge!



PTO Reimbursement Request

To be reimbursed for an approved PTO-related expense, please print and fill out the PTO Reimbursement Request form (link above). Attach all related receipts to the completed form. Turn the form and receipts into the school office and request that they deliver it to the PTO. The PTO treasurer will issue a check for payment. Please allow at least 2 weeks to receive reimbursement. Thank you.

PTO Check Request Form

If you are purchasing something on behalf of the PTO and need a check made out to the business, please fill out the Check Request form (link above), provide the appropriate documentation, and turn it in to the PTO treasurer.  You will need to provide a an invoice and receipt from the business.

PTO Cashbox Request Form

If you need to request a cash box for a PTO event, please fill out the Cash Box Request form (link above) and turn it into the PTO treasurer. Please give the treasurer 2 weeks notice.

PTO Deposit Slip

Do you have money that needs to be deposited into the PTO account? Print off the Deposit Slip and put the slip and funds into an envelope addressed to the PTO treasurer. Turn envelope into the office staff or put in the PTO mailbox.