Service Committees

The PTO has many committees that focus on serving our school, students, or the community.

Adams sends home a communication folder every Wednesday in each student’s backpack that contains important information for parents/guardians from the school administration, teachers, the PTO, or district office.What do volunteers do?

  • 25+ people are needed to staff this committee. Each volunteer is assigned 1+ classroom (volunteers can request their children’s classes), and they are responsible to stop by Wednesday morning (including the 1st week of school) to fill the envelopes for each student in that classroom.
  • It takes approximately 20 min. to fill 1 classroom’s envelopes. You can commit to every Wednesday, or you can offer to be a substitute, filling in for when “regulars” have to be absent.

Who should volunteer?  People who are free Wednesday mornings.  This is a service that the teachers greatly appreciate as it frees their time for planning and preparation!

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee might just be the staff’s favorite PTO committee!  Why?  Because this is the FOOD committee, of course!  Hospitality provides meals, treats, and snacks throughout the year for the teachers and staff.  Specifically, the committee provides meals for the teachers on the 4 conference nights (2 nights in October and 2 in March) and snacks/treats for staff on PLC days (the 4th Tuesday of each month).  In addition, the Hospitality Committee heads up the Annual Holiday Cookie Extravaganza, the PTO’s gift to all of the amazing Adams staff.  At the cookie exchange, Adams families are invited to bring 3+ dozen cookies with the goal of gathering enough cookies (thousands) to offer each teacher and staff member the opportunity to select 3 dozen!  Finally, Hospitality organizes little treats and/or gifts for the Adams staff during Teacher Appreciation Week in May.

What do volunteers do? The chairs of this committee work together to plan the meals, snacks and treats.  They use Volunteer Spot (an online volunteer organizer) to notify committee members what donations are needed (e.g., food, paper goods, set-up help, and clean-up help).  Committee members simply select items they would like to contribute and drop them off at the requested time/day.

Who should volunteer?  If you love the idea of helping out, but don’t have much time, this is the committee for you!  The commitment for most volunteers is purchasing items and dropping them off at school—pretty easy.

If you love Pinterest and planning special treats to brighten someone’s day, you would LOVE chairing this committee.


Philanthropy Committee

The Philanthropy Committee organizes projects to benefit Adams, our sister school (Belmont Elementary), and/or the community.  Projects include the Annual Holiday Food Drive and 1+ other(s) of your choosing (e.g., hat and mitten collection, used book drive). In 2016, Adams families donated approximately $4500 in items/money to Philanthropy projects!


Book Fairs

The PTO hosts 2 book fairs each year.  All of the proceeds from the October book fair are donated to the Adams Media Center. The PTO forgoes a profit in the April buy-one-get-one book fair to pass awesome savings on to Adams families.

What do volunteers do? The committee chairs communicate with Scholastic and the media specialists, organize, promote, set up & run the week-long book fairs.  At least 20 more volunteers are needed to help set-up, tear-down, and work shifts selling books.

Who should volunteer?  If you love reading and value getting books in kids’ hands, this is the committee for you! For volunteers, this is a fantastic, time-limited way to make a meaningful contribution to the school.

Admittedly, chairing the book fair is a true part-time job twice/year; however, it is worth it!  The book fair is the most popular event/activity among Adams families, plus the fall book fair raises around $3,500 for the Media Center!


Picture Day Committee

This committee helps the school on that very special day of curls and bow ties—school picture day!  Volunteers help collect orders and assist the photographers on picture day.  If you like cheesy grins and students in line-order, this committee is for you!


Aviator Apparel

The PTO teams up with the company, My Locker, to offer families the opportunity to purchase Aviator spirit wear.  There is a great variety of products and you get to choose from numerous Adams Aviator graphics.  To purchase spirit wear, go to and search for Adams Elementary.  The PTO receives 10% of purchases.  You order and pay for items online, and the items are delivered directly to your house.

What do volunteers do? The Aviator Apparel is managed by one PTO volunteer who acts as a liaison between the PTO and the apparel company and informs Adams families about how to purchase spirit wear.

Who should volunteer?  If you love school spirit and/or you are looking for a task does not require much time (less than 5 hours/year) and can be done entirely from home, this is for you!


Landscaping & Outdoor Classroom Committee

The PTO’s Landscaping Committee is incredible!  It maintains the landscaping plants on the school grounds and in the new outdoor classroom.  We take pride in our school, and we want it to look fantastic! If the Outdoor Classroom is overgrown, students won’t be able to use and enjoy it!  LPS district policy is that the PTO is responsible for maintaining anything that we put in–i.e. the outdoor classroom.

What do volunteers do? As you can imagine, there are several hours of work (mostly weeding and mulching) that need to be done each spring, summer, and fall for general upkeep.

Who should volunteer? If you have a green thumb, enjoy a good workout, like the outdoors, and would like the eternal gratitude of the school, then this is the job for you.  Plus, this is a great committee to involve your kids—they will love having a chance to contribute, too!  Many hands make light work!


Adams Yearbook

Each year the PTO produces and sells memory books as a service to Adams families.  To make the yearbooks as affordable as possible, the PTO does not make a profit on yearbook sales.  Yearbooks are sold in March and delivered the last week of school.

What do volunteers do? The committee works with the yearbook company to produce the Adams Yearbook.  Volunteers take pictures, create layouts, and coordinate the sales and delivery of the Adams yearbook.

Who should volunteer? If you are a shutterbug or like scrapbooking, helping with the yearbook will be right up your alley!


Lt. Col Paul Adams Memorial Scholarship

In 2015 the PTO established the Lt. Col. Paul Adams Memorial Scholarship to be awarded each year to a graduating high school senior who attended 1+ years at Adams Elementary School.  Each year the recipient of the scholarship will be invited to the 5th Grade Recognition Ceremony.  Just think, your student may apply for this scholarship one day!


Adams Student Directory

Each year the PTO updates an online directory containing the contact information for Adams Families who choose to be in the directory. 

You will receive information about how to register on the PTO website, and how to get your information in the Student Directory in the school’s summer mailing packet and in your Wednesday Folder at the beginning of the school year.  Note: registering on the website is the only way to get your family’s contact information in the PTO Student Directory. Registration is quick, easy, and FREE. You can update your online Student Directory information at any time.


PTO Email Newsletter

The PTO sends out an email newsletter 1-2 times/month to Adams families.  It contains all the latest PTO happenings, upcoming events, important reminders, and pictures from PTO activities!  The newsletter is written by one of the PTO’s talented volunteers.


PTO Webpage

Check out the PTO’s webpage at where you can find all the PTO’s most important information (membership information, committee information, reimbursement forms, and event information)!  You can actually join the PTO via the website and members can access the online Student Directory via the PTO’s webpage.  The web page is maintained and updated by a PTO volunteer.


Student Enrichment and Community Building Committees

The PTO takes pride in providing wonderful opportunities for Adams students, bringing families together, and promoting a positive community spirit.


Kindergarten Summer Playground Play Dates

In an effort to welcome the newest Aviators and their families into the Adams community, the PTO hosts 2-3 summer playground play dates. These totally informal play dates are an awesome opportunity to meet other families, build familiarity with the school, ask questions to seasoned Adams parents, and PLAY!


Classroom Parties & Room Parents

Adams students work HARD, and they deserve to play hard!  Each year, the PTO plans, hosts, and pays for classroom parties in October and in February.  Party dates can be found in the school calendar.

The PTO hosts AWESOME classroom parties; however, parties do look a little different now compared to when we were in school.  There is no need to worry, though because the kids have a super fun time!

What do I need to know? The Adams administration requires that class parties be the same for each class within a grade level  (i.e., each of the six KG classrooms must have the same party, each of the six 1st grade classrooms must have the same party, and so on…).   This requirement is fantastic because it prevents issues/complaints such as one classroom getting a better party than all the rest.  Trust me, you do not want to have your child be in the classroom that had the boring party or didn’t get that special something—you would never hear the end of it!

How can I help? The task of providing parties that are all the same across the grade levels takes a little extra planning and organization, but the PTO has a great system and parties have been running smoothly for years!

The Party Snack Chair  distributes snacks to the classrooms prior to the parties.

Lead Classroom Party Organizer (1 parent for each grade) Using the grade-level party plan (provided by the teachers & PTO), you purchase the necessary supplies for each classroom in your grade and distribute supplies (with printed party instructions) to the classrooms prior to the party. Save receipts so the PTO can reimburse you!

If you love holidays and planning parties, this is the job for you!

Classroom Party Helpers:  These volunteers are what people think of as traditional room parents as they attend the parties, run the activities, and take pictures to pass along to the Yearbook Committee. If you like joining in on silliness and watching 20+ kids party-hardy, you should volunteer on these 2 special afternoons!


After School Clubs

After School Clubs are enrichment opportunities for students. Over the years a variety of clubs have been offered in the areas of art, drama, cooking, foreign language, etc.  Typically, clubs meet 1 day/week and last 4-6 weeks. Clubs are often offered 1-2 times a year.  The PTO is not able to offer clubs when we do not have a parent volunteer to be the committee chair.

What do volunteers do?  The Clubs Chair work with administration and our partnering agencies to arrange 2 (fall and spring) club sessions.  This position mostly involves emailing to organize the clubs with hands-on management the day of the clubs. The clubs often require extra volunteers to provide extra hands and help during the club meeting times.

Who should volunteer?  The After School Clubs are quite popular with students and parents.  If you love the idea of enrichment opportunities, volunteering with clubs would be a perfect fit! Currently there are only a couple of clubs going at Adams, so there’s room for growth here if someone is interested in a project!


Halloween Fun Night

Halloween Fun Night is the PTO’s version of the traditional school carnival.  It is held the Friday before Halloween, and families are invited to wear family-friendly costumes and join in the all of the fun, including 20+ games with prizes galore, a photo booth, a pumpkin decorating contest, clowns, and entertainers!  Wristbands to play games and meal tickets are sold.  With around 2000 attendees, Fun Night is the PTO’s biggest undertaking!

What do volunteers do?  The Fun Night Committee organizes the event, including games, food, ticket sales, and volunteers!  Additionally, 80+ volunteers are needed for setting up and running games!

Who should volunteer? Initially, folks volunteer because they aren’t really sure what they are getting themselves into-HA!  However, people keep volunteering because they realize that they are a part of making something truly spectacular happen for the students!

There is really a place for EVERYBODY to help out with Fun Night!  If you love organizing, event planning or are awesome with details, then you should consider chairing this committee.  If you love games and parties, and/or have a knack for making posters/decorating, and/or you like working behind the scenes, and/or you just want to meet a few more Adams parents, then you would like serving on this committee.  If you prefer to show up, have a great time, and witness the school in total hyper-mode, then you would love helping out at the event!


Movie Night

Movie Night is a free family event in which Adams families (siblings included) are invited to come to Adams on a wintery Friday night to cozy up and watch a popular children’s movie.  Students are encouraged to wear pajamas and bring a pillow and blanket/sleeping bag to sit on.  Concessions are sold for a small fee.

What do volunteers do?  The committee chair selects movies and snacks and publicizes the event; while, a couple of volunteers are needed the night of the event to help set-up and sell concessions.

Who should volunteer?  If you love movies and are interested in organizing an event, this one is for you!  If you don’t think you can sit through that Disney or Pixar movie one more time, you should totally sign up to sell concessions!


Heritage Night

Heritage Night was NEW to Adams in the 2017-2018 school year.  The goal of this community building event is to bring Adams families together to share their varied cultures and traditions. Families will be invited to participate by setting up a table of books, pictures, other artifacts, and even finger-foods that celebrate their heritage. We will be able to travel the world without leaving the school!

What do volunteers do? The committee will organize the event and arrange for special entertainment.

Who should volunteer? Everyone!


Family Bingo Night

Family Bingo Night is a super fun community building night.  Admission to Bingo is totally free, and there are always tons of great prizes!

How can a volunteer help?  The Bingo Committee gathers supplies and prizes, publicizes, sets-up, and runs the event.

Who should volunteer?  If you love family game night and find happiness in yelling “Bingo,” this is the event for you!



The Walk-a-thon started in 2015 and was an instant hit with students, teachers, and parents.  What better way to spend a PLC day then escaping the classroom to walk around the school’s walking, jogging, and dancing around the path with classmates, teachers, and special guests! When the weather cooperates and the event is held outdoors, Adams parents/guardians are invited to attend to cheer on their students.

What do volunteers do?  The Walk-a-thon Committee organizes the walk-a-thon and fundraising.  Volunteers are also needed the day of the event to help out with things such as setting up, passing out snacks, and cheering for the walkers.

Who should volunteer?  If you want to nurture your inner cheerleader or would like to bask in sunshine and endless giggles, then you better tie on your walking shoes and sign up to help!

If you get excited about a to-do binder, love searching Pinterest, making posters, and running wild with a theme, then you would be an awesome chair for this event!


Bike Rodeo

The Bike Rodeo is a wonderful community building event that combines kids’ love of bike riding with important safety education.  Neighborhood families really enjoy this night.  Beware, thanks to Nebraska’s unpredictable spring weather, this evening event seems to run a 50% chance of getting rained out!

What do volunteers do?  The Bike Rodeo Committee organizes this fairly low-key event, and a few extra volunteers are needed to help out at the event.

Who should volunteer?  If you are passionate about safety, love bike riding, and/or want to make a meaningful contribution, you will love this committee.


5th Grade Recognition & 5th Grade T-shirts

Each year the school honors graduating students at the 5TH Grade Recognition Ceremony.  It is held during the school day the day before the last day of school.

What do volunteers do?  This committee plans the food and decorations for the 5th Grade Recognition Ceremony.  In addition, the committee coordinates with teachers in early August to order all 5th graders t-shirts, which they wear throughout the year to their 5th grade special events and field trips.

Who should volunteer?  If you have a 5th grader and want to play a special role in their very last elementary event (sniffle), this is where you want to be!  Another excellent qualification is the love for a good balloon arch!


Field Day

Field Day is organized by the PE specialist and is held the last day of school.  As you can imagine, Field Day channels the students’ last-day energy and excitement into organized wacky games, celebrating the last day of school!

How can a volunteer help?  The committee chair assists the PE specialist with organizing, as needed.  Many volunteers are needed to help run all of the field day games and activities—this is truly a case of “the more the merrier”!  I cannot think of a better reason to take a morning or afternoon off work!


Fundraising Committees

The PTO offers a variety of opportunities for families to support the Adams PTO.  We’d love for you to participate, too!  With 825 students, 36 classroom teachers, and many staff members, expenses add up fast.  The PTO’s money goes toward supporting all of the PTO’s many activities and services, PLUS we pay for things such as:

  • 4th and 5th Grade Chorus Trips &4th and 5th Grade Planners
  • 5th Grade Musical, Omaha Zoo Trip, and Recognition Ceremony
  • Per-Teacher Allocations to Spend on Supplies and Field Trips
  • Technology for the School and Classrooms & Technology and Materials for the Media Center
  • Author Visits and PLC Assembly Presentations
  • Landscaping, Outdoor Classroom, Playground Improvements, & Other Special Projects.


Halloween Fun Night

Halloween Fun Night (described under the “Student Enrichment and Community Building” section) also has a large fundraising component as wristbands and meal tickets are sold.  Fun Night brings in $8,000-9,000.



A fund-drive may be tied to the Walk-a-thon (described under the “Student Enrichment and Community Building” section) when Adams is funding the general budget or working toward a major project like improving the playground, establishing the scholarship, or installing the mural.


KFOR Summer Fun Ticket Sales

Every year, KFOR offers schools the opportunity to sell KFOR Summer Fun Tickets during the months of April and May.  For $5 each, families can purchase these punch tickets that allow free admission into Lincoln’s most popular youth attractions.  There is no expense for the PTO, and the PTO earns approximately $1,000!

What do volunteers do? The person in charge of this sale picks up tickets from KFOR, distributes order forms, collects money, and distributes tickets.

Who should volunteer?  This is another fantastic opportunity for someone who enjoys working independently and would like a very time-limited responsibility.


Adams Dine Outs

Dine Out Nights are a delicious way to bring together Adams families, while supporting a local restaurant and raising a little bit of money for the PTO!  Plus, we all love having a night off from cooking supper!  Typically, Adams families must tell the restaurant that they are there supporting Adams PTO and then a portion (10-50%) of their sale is given to the PTO.   PTO makes more than $2,000 per year on our Dine-Outs.

What do volunteers do? During the summer, a PTO volunteer arranges Dine Outs for the entire school year (1/month).  Then throughout the school year, the volunteer keeps in contact with the businesses and publicizes each night to our families.  This is a great opportunity for someone who likes to work independently, can volunteer from home, and/or has a busy work schedule!