Board Members

PTO Executive Board

The PTO Executive Board consists of the PTO officers (see offices and duties below), the member-at-large, principal and assistant principal.

The Board meets one evening per month, immediately prior to the general PTO meeting to conduct PTO business (e.g., approving bills, setting agendas, prepare reports and recommendations for the general meeting, etc.).

Nominations for new officers are collected in April and the election takes place at the May general PTO meeting. Co-officers are permitted.


President Serves as a leader and key contact for the PTO; acts as the PTO liaison to the school/district administration; presides at all PTO meetings; appoints chairpersons for special committees; coordinates the work of the officers and committees so that the PTO's objectives can be met.
Vice-President Acts as an aide to the President; performs the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve; assumes other responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Board; communicates with the committee chairs of committees created by the Executive board.
Secretary Keeps the minutes of all general meetings and all meetings of the Executive Board; prepares correspondence; maintains master documents; keeps the calendar of events for the PTO; oversees PTO website for accuracy.
Treasurer Is responsible for and have custody of all funds; makes disbursements as properly authorized; is an available resource for all PTO events where money will be collected; assures that PTO policies and best practices are followed with regards to funds; prepares financial reports for each meeting and as needed; prepares the books for an annual audit; expends money in accordance with the budget; issues checks and petty cash.
Treasurer-Elect Works by direction of and in cooperation with the Treasurer. Performs the duties and exercises the powers of the Treasurer in the absence or inability of that officer to serve. The Treasurer-elect has the ability to plan ahead for his or her term in office by working with the current Treasurer.
Member-at-Large Non-officer member of the board, attends PTO meetings and actively participates in and/or chair PTO committees. Assist in fulfillment of other officers duties if needed.